About the kennel




I'm a dogcrazy girl from sundsvall-sweden, I live in a house with my partner Magnus and the dogs in Sörberge-Sweden.

My dog interest came early. I started to train my teacher's dog called Fagg, he was a Kleiner Münsterländer.
 The interest just grew bigger. I went to dogexhibitions and I participated in different courses with him, and became active in several dog clubs.


 I got my own dog when I was 14 years(1998).
A Briard called Lexi.
And 2001 came Melker a Staffordshire bullterrier.
In that years 2000-2004 I study in "high school".
In that time Lexi was hit by a car, and her hips got a really big hit, the x-ray didn't show any damage. About 1 year after the accident Lexi limpt after she had sleept. And I x-rayd her again and then they saw a damage in the hips from the car accident.
So I sadly retired Lexi in the age of 3!
And soon after that Melker got furunkulos.
After some years I felt I needed a dog that I could compete with, so I got Molly and soon after that Maybe arrived too. We lost our beloved Lexi in autumn 2008. A few days later I got the privilege to attend when a Staffie litter was born, Donny moved in 8 weeks later.

Linda & Lexi på gymnasiet

My goal is

* To have a small breeding, so that I have time to follow up my litters.
* To obtain workwillingness, soundness, health and typical dogs.
* Organize meetings, training courses, MH, X-ray mm.

I have participated in all of the Swedish Kennel club´s ( SKK )Breeding courses:

Mating and whelping
Dog food / Feeding
Puppies behavior

I have a school education in animals health with focus on Dogs
and has Zoo certificates.
And a 2-day course in ethology on Kolmården Zoo in Sweden,
we also got to meet the wolves.

I'm a Agility instructor.